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It’s just not about consumption but instead, is about giving back. Proceeds from the event help fund and develop functional ways to teach literacy through technology for Philadelphia's public elementary schools.

"When we began the Philadelphia Burger Brawl four years ago, we really had no idea how well the idea would be received or the amount of enthusiasm people would bring to the event," said Rob Wasserman "The combination of world-class food, the awesome urban setting of Philadelphia and the ultimate goal of supporting an educational institution and its student body come together to create an amazing experience for everyone involved."

The 2014 Philadelphia Burger Brawl continues to push towards significant fundraising goals, with the aim of bringing new technology to Philadelphia's public elementary schools. Participating chefs donate the ingredients necessary to cook their burgers while Rouge supplies the grills, charcoal, space and serving equipment.

Learn more about the 2014 Burger Brawl on the website here: Philly Burger Brawl 2014 and find out more about sponsorshop opportunities here: Philly Burger Brawl Sponsor Letter


Starr Restaurants is launching a fundraising and awareness effort alongside the School District of Philadelphia entitled “Support Our Schools”. This month-long initiative hopes to motivate the city’s residents to get personally involved in what is being called the most profound crisis the schools have ever faced. 
The money raised will benefit designated programs in “high-risk schools” in the city. With the help of School District officials, three specific areas of need have been identified. They are: 
  • Technology – multi-media labs that would be incorporated into the instructional program and be available for research and programming 
  • Playworks – a socialized recess program provided at elementary schools. 
  • Summer Internships – a 6 week program which allows high school students to garner a summer internship at area businesses in partnership with WorkReady Philadelphia 
If you are interested in supporting the "Support Our Schools" Campaign, please go to our DONATE NOW page and select the STARR Campaign.


Support Strawberry Mansion High School

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Strawberry Mansion High School.  As the designated Section 501(c)(3) organization of the School District of Philadelphia, PCFF will accept funds on behalf of Strawbery Mansion High School in two specific categories:

  • The Strawberry Mansion School General Fund:  Funds contributed in this category will be utilized to support the purchase of instructional materials, supplies , college readiness activities and other student needs, as determined by the administrative staff of Strawberry Mansion.
  • The Strawberry Mansion Scholarship Fund: Funds contributed in this category will be utilized for post-secondary readiness activities and college planning expenses.  All funds will support current and future students who are enrolled in Strawberry Mansion High School.

* Please note, the role of the PCFF is to serve as a fiscal agent on behalf of the School District.  The staff of Strawberry Mansion, as agents of the School District of Philadelphia, direct the expenditures of all funds donated. PCFF is not involved in the decision-making process regarding how funds are allocated. 

PCFF is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Interested individuals may donate online or contact Angela Connor, Executive Director, at 215-979-1188 or



Thank you for your interest in supporting the School District of Philadelphia through Philadelphia's Children First Fund. You can make a secure, one-time donation and choose to support one of the following programs:

The Philadelphia Burger Brawl
An event that will be held on May 5, 2013 to support the William M. Meredith School Computer Lab.

Transportation Fund
Philadelphia School District classrooms are often unable to take advantage of free programming in the arts, music, museum trips, athletics and other supplemental activities. This fund covers the costs of bus rentals for Philadelphia school classrooms.

Crisis Emergency Fund

This fund provides critical services and resources to students and their families who experience extraordinary hardship as a result of death, fire, violence or other personal tragedies. This fund provides assistance with funeral costs in times of tragedy and has also provided provisions such as clothes, food and other basic need essentials.

General Support

With a gift to Philadelphia's Children First Fund, your support will directly impact Philadelphia's public school students through targeted program areas:
* Arts, Music and Culture
* Athletics
* Early Childhood Education
* Health
* School Climate
* Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)